Consult the community for LACIGF review

During 2019, a review process was conducted to promote changes to LACIGF as the region’s main dialogue space for discussing Internet public policy principles. Some of these advances were presented during the LACIGF meeting in La Paz as well as at the LAC Space organized at the global IGF held in Berlin.

The main reference materials related to this process can be found here:

Within this framework, the LACIGF Program Committee commissioned a public consultation with the community to better understand their perception of the proposed reform.

To this matter, a new survey and an open call have been conducted,

where we discussed a series of proposals to be implemented in LACIGF to increase the impact of the Forum.

LACIGF’s improvements implementation open call

June 23, 2020

Based on the feedback received during these calls, new proposals will be submitted to the Program Committee so that they will consider their prompt adoption as the last step in this process.