New LACIGF Secretariat

The Multistakeholder Committee (CMPI for its Spanish acronym) of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (LACIGF) is pleased to announce that the Colombian organization Colnodo has been selected to serve as the LACIGF Secretariat from July 2023. 

After a thorough selection process, in which proposals submitted by seven recognized organizations in the region were evaluated, CMPI has made the decision to designate Colnodo as the organization responsible for coordinating and supporting the management of LACIGF.

The selection of Colnodo as the Secretariat is based on its outstanding trajectory, its extensive experience and participation in multistakeholder processes, including the production of large-scale events, its administrative and financial capacity to manage funds, and its strong commitment to promoting open, inclusive and participatory Internet governance in our region. 

As the LACIGF Secretariat, Colnodo, working together with the CMPI, will play a key role in the coordination and organization of the annual event and in the promotion and facilitation of intersessional work, as well as in the management of the communication, dissemination and financial administration of the Forum, in order to continue strengthening the participation of all stakeholders (technical community, governments, private sector and civil society) in the region to address the challenges and opportunities of Internet governance in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

CMPI thanks all the organizations that participated in this selection process by submitting their proposals, each of which was carefully studied and evaluated. The Committee hopes that they will continue to actively participate in the discussions on Internet governance in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing their valuable contributions, as well as supporting Colnodo in its newly assumed role as Secretariat of the Forum.

Finally, the Committee, on behalf of the Forum members, wishes Colnodo all the success in its new functions.

About Colnodo

Colnodo is a civil society organization, based in Colombia, whose main mission is to facilitate the exchange of information for the development and improvement of the quality of life of Colombians to transform the culture of information management, communication with the world and generate new tools and spaces for all people.

To achieve this objective the organization leads social processes around the strategic use of the Internet for development, adapting and evolving according to innovations and changes in technology, always keeping in mind to spread the potential of tools for social transformation and strengthening the quality of life of people and communities.

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About the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (LACIGF)

The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (LACIGF) is a multistakeholder initiative focused on Internet governance and digital policy issues from a regional perspective created in 2008.

Its mission is to provide a space for open policy dialogue on issues within its scope, where all stakeholders participate on an equal basis without discrimination of any kind. Since its origin, it has met annually in an event that, to date, has 15 editions, of which the last three were held online due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The coordination of the LACIGF is the responsibility of the Multi-Stakeholder Committee (CMPI), established to ensure multistakeholder representation in the development of the agenda, decision making with respect to the Forum and to ensure its continuity and sustainability. 

The Secretariat is one of the four bodies of its structure, which aims to ensure the permanent coordination of the implementation of the different activities and the facilitation of the strategic leadership of the process, with both executive and operational functions.

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