Formation of the LACIGF Workshop Selection Committee

We are pleased to announce that the LACIGF Workshop Selection Committee (WSC) has been formed.  This Committee is responsible for the selection of the workshops that will be held each year as part of the annual event’s agenda.

After an open call in which 74 people from 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries participated, the LACIGF Multi-Stakeholder Committee (CMPI) conducted a selection process considering experience and geographic, multi-sectoral and gender diversity, defining 12 people from the technical, private, civil society and government sectors who will make up the WSC starting this year and will serve terms of 3, 2 and 1 year according to the voting received. The Committee will have an annual renewal of one third of its participants.  

CMPI and the LACIGF Secretariat thank all those who applied to be part of the CST, valuing and highlighting their interest in supporting this multistakeholder dialogue process. We extend a cordial invitation to follow closely the activities and calls of the Forum that will take place throughout this year. 

The conformation of the Workshop Selection Committee for this year 2024 is as follows: 
Technical community:
Raquel Gatto. (Brazil) – 3 years
Carmen Díaz Novelo. Autonomous University of Yucatán (Mexico) – 2 years
Roberto Zambrana. IGF Bolivia (Bolivia) –  1 year

Private sector:
Patricia Falconí Castillo. Association of Telecommunications Companies – Asetel (Ecuador) – 3 years
German Lopez. Colombian Chamber of Informatics and Telecommunications – CCIT (Colombia) – 2 years
Luis Mauricio Torres Alcocer. Center for Telecommunications Studies of Latin America ( (Mexico) – 1 year

Civil society:
Pilar Saenz. Karisma Foundation (Colombia) – 3 years
Fiorella Ferrari Lavalle. Hiperderecho (Peru) – 2 years
Maricarmen Sequera. TEDIC (Paraguay) – 1 year

Olga Cavalli. Faculty of National Defense of Argentina (Argentina) – 3 years
Johana Obando Bonilla. Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica (Costa Rica) – 2 years
Maria Camila Rojas Azula. MINTIC (Colombia) – 1 year

Learn more about the attributions and responsibilities of this Committee at